AOSS understands that QHSE as the primary requirement when
doing business in the Oil & Gas industry.

AOSS's QHSE Policy Is Realized By

• Striving for zero defects during and within the planning and provision of each services

• Addressing individual responsibility and accountability within our organization

• Managing changes that may arise from design, development and execution business operating cycle in an effective manner

• Endorsing and enforcing a systematic approach to address non-conformities

• Ensuring that the working environment of all employees is safe and without risks to health and that adequate provision is made

regarding the facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work

• Observing and respecting all rules and regulations that relate to AOSS in every country in which AOSS operates

• Integrating safety into the development and execution of all AOSS processes

• Training personnel to proactively take the responsibility for safety

• Recycling waste wherever it is found to be reasonably practicable

• Continous improvement in training for achieving zero incidents