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REF No: Length/Hull/IMO/Size/Type-Tanker Built In Year DWT/Cargo Capacity Speed F/C Flag Class Selling Price Availability
12/5/10/G/S 87m-DH/DB-IMO 2 Oil/Chemical Tanker Korea 1991 3561dwt 12.5Knts   Korea KR USD2.95M Immediate
12/5/10/G/S 97m-DH-IMO 2 Oil/Chemical Tanker Japan 1985 6500dwt       NK USD2.35M Immediate
12/5/10/G/S 74m/DB/SH-IMO 3 Oil/Chemical Tanker Japan 1993 1908dwt     Korea KST USD1.15M Immediate
12/5/11/G/S DH/DB-Oil Tanker Japan 2002 3543dwt       IACS USD7.2M Immediate
12/5/11/G/S 102m-Bitumen Tanker China 2009 5926dwt       IACS USD10.9M Immediate
12/5/11/G/S 112m-DH- Oil Tanker Japan 1991 7833dwt 14/12.7Knts     KR USD4.5M Immediate
12/5/11/G/S 244m-DH-Aframax Tanker Korea 1998 105,337dwt       DNV Best Offer Immediate
12/5/11/G/S 61m-DH/DB-Oil/Chemical Tanker Japan 1988 1143dwt 11Knts     KR Best Offer Immediate
12/5/13/G/S 82m-Sulphuric Acid Tanker but can be used as Bunkering Tanker Japan 1984 2999dwt 12.5Knts     KR USD1.4M Immediate
12/5/13/G/S 65m-IMO 3 Ocean Going Oil/Chemical Tanker Japan 1986 1200dwt       KR USD730K Immediate
12/5/13/G/S 72m/DB/SH-IMO 3 Oil & Chemical Tanker Korea 1995 2339dwt 11.5Knts       Best Offer Immediate
12/5/13/G/S 69m/DB/SH-Oil Tanker Korea 1987 1800dwt         USD900K Immediate
12/5/13/G/S DB/SH-Oil Tanker Korea 1994 3900dwt         USD1.25M Immediate
12/5/13/G/S 113m-IMO 2 + 3 Oil Tanker Korea 2010 11000dwt Laden HFO-13Knts 16.3mt   ABS Best Offer Immediate
12/5/13/G/S 157m/DB/DH-IMO 3 Oil Tanker suitable for storage Korea 1982 22729dwt     S’pore NK Best Offer Immediate
12/5/31/G/S 48m/DB/SH-Bunkering Tanker Japan 1986 696dwt 13Knts     KST USD350K SOLD!!!
12/5/32/G/S 41x8.5x11m Dredger Korea 2011           USD800K Immediate
12/5/37/G/S Tanker Korea 1986 1270dwt       KST Best Offer Immediate
12/5/37/G/S 70m/SH/DB-Oil Tanker Korea 1989 1957dwt 12.5Knts     IACS USD1.35M Immediate
12/6/4/G/S 70m/SB/SH-Oil/Chemical Tanker Korea 1987 1,800dwt         USD750K Immediate
12/6/7/G/S 60m-Oil/Chemical Tanker Japan 1986 1,197dwt 12.5Knts     X-IACS USD570K Immediate
12/6/7/G/S 61m/DH-Oil Tanker Japan 1988 1,143dwt 11Knts       USD1M Immediate
12/6/7/G/S 41m Pax Ferry Korea 1992   1230bhp/12Knts 110L/hr   KST USD490K Immediate
12/6/19/G/S 38m/SB/SH-Bunkering Tanker Japan 1987 550Kl         USD360K Immediate
12/5/19/G/S 63m-LCT China 2011 1413dwt 1700bhp     BV USD4.7M Immediate
12/5/16/G/S 48m-LCT Korea 2006 1000dwt 1500bhp 40L/hr   KST USD800K Immediate
12/5/29/G/S 60m-LCT Indon 2009   1080bhp   Indon BKI USD2.35M Immediate
12/5/27/G/S 78m-LCT/144TEU AIWI 2005 2372dwt 1000bhp   Thai BV USD5.1M Immediate
12/5/26/G/S 31m-LCT-20 cars capacity Korea 1987 89grt 570bhp/10Knts     KST USD260K Immediate
12/5/25/G/S 34m-LCT-20 cars capacity Korea 1990 129grt 560bhp/10Knts     KST USD350K Immediate
12/6/8/G/S 59m-LCT Korea 1996 1,600dwt 1500bhp     KST USD1.7M Immediate
12/5/22/G/S 28m-Hrbr Tug - Robert Allen Design China NBD   5000bhp     Lloyd’s USD6.8M Immediate
12/5/24/G/S 36m-OceanTug China NBD   3200bhp       USD2.65M Immediate
12/5/23/G/S 29m-Tug – UK engine China NBD   2400bhp       USD1.95M Immediate
12/5/23/G/S 29m-Tug – Chine engine China NBD   2400bhp       USD1.85M Immediate
12/5/23/G/S 29m-Tug – China Engine China NBD   2400bhp       USD1.85M Immediate
12/6/6/G/S 55m- AHTS/DP Ex UAE 2011 1,102dwt 5220bhp/12Knts       Best Offer Immediate
12/6/20/G/S 28m-Hrbr Tug Korea 1989   2000bhp   Korea KR USD800K Immediate
12/6/18/G/S 29m-Hrbr Tug Korea 2011   2000bhp       USD4M Immediate
12/6/18/G/S 38m-Hrbr Tug Korea 2011   4500bhp     KR USD6.3M Immediate
12/6/18/G/S 59m-Supply/Towing/Tug Korea

1975 R1998

  3280bhp   Phills ABS Best Offer Immediate
12/6/18/G/S 36m-Ocean/Towing/Tug Korea 1996   4000bhp     IACS Best Offer Immediate
12/6/15/G/S 23.5m-Tug Batam NBD   1222bhp   Indon BKI SGD980K End Aug 2012
12/6/15/G/S 26m-Tug Batam NBD   1650bhp   Indon   SGD2.48M U/C
12/6/14/G/S 29m-Tug - Engine Re2005/7 Batam 1995   2900bhp   Indon BKI USD850K


REF No: Dimension of BARGES Type Year Built DWT/NRT/GRT Location Deck Strength Flag Class Selling Price Availability
12/6/13/G/S 345x90x21ft with sidewall Spoon 2006   Batam 15/m2   ABS USD1.95M Immediate
12/5/33/G/S 180x50x10ft with STC Flat Top 2012 1200dwt S’pore 10/m2   BV USD800K Immediate
12/5/34/G/S 120x40x8ft Flat Top 1992 600dwt S’pore 2.5/m2 S’pore DClass SGD175K Immediate
12/5/34/G/S 120x40x8ft Flat Top 1992 600dwt S’pore 2.5/m2 S’pore DClass SGD195K Immediate
12/5/34/G/S 120x40x8ft Flat Top 1995 600dwt S’pore 2.5/m2 S’pore DClass SGD210K Immediate
12/5/36/G/S 36x12x2.4m Jetty-Pontoon 2007 265GRT S’pore 0.4/m2 S’pore BV SGD390K Immediate
12/6/8/G/S 230x60x14ft Flat Top NBT   S’pore 10/m2 Indon ABS USD1M Immediate
12/6/8/G/S 250x80x16ft Flat Top NBT   S’pore 7/m2 Indon ABS USD1.3M Immediate
12/5/17/G/S 210x70x14ft Flat Top NBD   Batam 15/m2   NK USD1.75M Mid July
12/5/15/G/S 235ft Flat Top 2012   China 8/m2     USD1.15M Immediate
12/5/15/G/S 245ft Flat Top 2012   China 10/m2     USD1.25M Immediate
12/6/17/G/S 180x50x10ft w/o tank coating Flat Top NBD   China 10/m2     USD0.49M Immediate
12/5/1/G/S 73.15x21.34x4.88m Flat Top 2006 4872dwt S’pore 15/m2 S’pore BV USD950K Immediate
12/5/1/G/S 36.576x12.192x2.44m Flat Top 2005

259GRT/ 78NRT

S’pore 4/m2 S’pore GL USD250K Immediate
12/5/1/G/S 67.3x19.51x4.27m Flat Top 2005


S’pore 10/m2 S’pore GL USD750K Immediate
12/6/18/G/S PLB with Crawler-150t(Optional)/15t tensioner-3”to22” pipe diameter PLB-30pax 1992       Panama BV USD6.5M Immediate

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